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What is 685? 685 New Logo 2_1

685 |  A House of His Creation Family Living Program for Girls 11-17 escaping sex trafficking

House of His Creation is in the process of expanding our services to exploited girls by opening a family living program in 2022. House of His Creation has been open to and has served adult women escaping trafficking and abuse alongside of our maternity housing program. These encounters are leading us to expand our ministry to sex trafficking victims and open a Safe Home for girls under 19. This is the age group HOHC was serving for over 30 years.

We are planning to call the program 685 after Psalm 68:5 -6a
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families-

In our ongoing research we have found that the area from North Myrtle beach along the coast into North West Florida is an area where awareness and need come together. The available housing services for those escaping sex trafficking and the number of known cases do not match. We have a home! Thank you to JBT in Lititz for working with us to get financing to purchase our new property!  


The concept is to have some outside animals, greenhouse and art & craft area. It has been impressed upon us that location near the ocean is important, and moving south where the seasons are less defined, so a location with reasonable proximity to the beach. We have found all this and are starting the process of prepping to move in. The Neff family will be moving from our Lititz Maternity Home to the new 685 location in early July.

The Neff family will serve as initial live-in team developing relationships within the new state and networks for survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) as we set up the home, go through licensing to serve minors and continue our training. 

5 Neffs

This is an additional program of House of His Creation, Michelle Gibbs, Program Director of the Lititz House maternity program will remain in Lititz, Pa.

Financial gifts may be designated for 685 and the funds will go towards the purchase of the property and the new program.