C4-Aftercare Program

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What is C4?

C4 is HoHC’s aftercare program that provides ongoing support up to one year to women who have successfully discharged from HoHC. We provide this support in ways that helps each mother become more capable and competent through monthly home visits, helping her understand child development milestones and behaviors, parenting activities including, but not limited to, parent and child play groups, parent information classes, parenting materials, and individualized parent supports provided in response to particular child-rearing concerns or specific parenting questions. Additionally, assisting parents in gaining access to other types of supports and resources as needed.



  • Educate and develop in parents the capacity to take part in mindful parenting and decision making by providing information and workshops on topics such as stress management, nutrition, depression, child abuse prevention and other relevant topics
  • Empower parents through access of community resources, sharing of information and resources as well as advocacy
  • Engage parents in making genuine connections with other parents in a safe environment

Cynthia Gibbs Foundation

Darryl Gibbs is our Child Abuse Prevention Educator. Darryl is the Founder of The Cynthia Gibbs Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting our most precious resource—children. Darryl provides child abuse prevention and awareness workshops and trainings to our clients and staff.As an national educator specializing in Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), Darryl has made protecting young children his life’s work following the death of his 8 month old daughter Cynthia.in 2000.  

Michelle Gibbs  (347) 206-3617 Or Email: Michelle@hohc.org