Maternity Housing

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Acceptance Criteria:

  1. Must be over 18.
  2. Single - Marital status will be considered
  3. Must be pregnant in first or second trimester; careful consideration will be given if in third trimester.
  4. Must be drug and alcohol free able to follow a no-smoking policy while in the program.
  5. If history or pattern of the following will be admitted only with careful consideration: severe emotional problems, stealing, violent behavior, or needing psychotropic medications.
  6. There are no geographical limitations.
  7. Part of the purpose of the program is willingness to explore parenting and adoption and make a fully informed decision about the future for you and your child.
  8. HOHC is a voluntary program; therefore, must be willing to come and follow all guidelines.

HOHC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion or national origin.
House of His Creation is an evangelical Christian program. Participation in church, family devotions and Bible reading is part of the experience.

Intake Procedure:

  1. A referral is made to office of HOHC ((717) 626-0263 or Referral for admission can be made by any interested party.
  2. The HOHC case manager conducts a short phone screening with the interested party.
  3. An intake interview is scheduled to take place at the Ministry home.
  4. An interview is completed with House of His Creation staff.
  5. The paperwork necessary for admission will be given at the interview.
  6. Open spaces will not be saved until the completed paperwork is received at the main office. Paperwork can be sent via mail or fax (client must bring originals at time of admission).
  7. If accepted, HOHC staff will call with a date for admission.
  8. The Executive Director reserves the right to make the final decision concerning the admission of any woman.

House of His Creation is a life-affirming ministry existing to support young women and children. Our greatest desire is to cultivate spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth, equipping them with tools to live well-rounded, healthy, productive lives. We anticipate they will provide the same for their children and families, impacting generations.

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