Journey Stories

497-800Women facing crisis continue to reach out for services, sometimes during their pregnancy and increasingly while single parenting in the aftermath of domestic violence, a long term abusive situation, mental health challenges and in general needing a safe place to land and regroup.  As we have expanded services to encompass the before and after for teens and adults walking through a pregnancy decision, while homeless or in need of supports we have increased our experience and knowledge of working with women who have faced adverse childhood experiences, drug addiction, mental health crisis and long term sexual abuse even entering into sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  The need for a landing point and a place to call home resonates in all scenarios and each woman faces many seen and unseen obstalces.

We have felt the call to meet this need in a new way.  We are taking our over 40 years of walking with women during pregnancy and single parenting to creates a safe place to be a starting point for rest and regrouping before longer term services or housing is procurred.  What does this look like for us?  It looks like converting a three bedroom apartment to be a secure, monitored place for someone to come take advantage of our Case Management services, get connected to therapeutic supports and to begin a decision making process to identify priorities, needs and level of engagment in the healing process.  

We are in a highly saturated area for ministries but even so with waiting lists and unique needs we want to be an "in the crisis" place to turn to.  We can put connections and resources into place or simply be a pit stop.  We even hope to expand to adding an additional outbuilding to either offer longer term solutions, continue maternity housing in a more adult friendly situaltion or to expand serving women who need to get away right now from an abuser or immediate crisis.  We have begun calling this our Heart for Hagar because God's love for Hagar as a slave and as one who was turned out of her home struggling first during her pregnancy and then as a single mother...He met her, helped her think clearly and provided what she needed to keep going.  We feel the call to do the same.  While we want to continue supporting others doing maternity housing, offer family building events, expand our outreach through parenting classes, monthly Caring 4 Young Families and specific maternity housing program...we want to utilize what we have been given to its fullest.