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Our Staff

Matthew Neff

Executive Director & House Dad

House of His Creation has been helping women in need for 48 years. As a child I grew up playing at the house of his creation in Lititz. Many years later, my own family would become the House Parents of the Lititz house and eventually we would become the Directors.

We are blessed to be able to walk alongside these women as they seek to improve their circumstances and lives for over 14 years. Through Gods blessings we have been able to have a positive impact on the lives of expecting mothers, single young mothers, mothers that choose placement, women escaping domestic violence, escaping sexual exploitation and escaping human trafficking.

It has been a great blessing to see the Lord minister to so many and we are excited to be involved with the future.

Callie Neff

House Mom & Communications

Pensacola House

Once upon a time I was called to a House of Love and in my journey of marriage and mothering we have sought to walk in obedience to the leading of Jesus and His Spirit and live out loving others more than ourselves.  Each woman has been an appointment and each woman may have taught me more than I could ever share with her.  We serve and love from a place of unending grace, joy and hope and while there are many stuggles, many hard it says "Love covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8.  Each woman is on a journey many having never learned to love without strings attached or demands. It is my hope and our family endeavor to love like Jesus, to love fiercly, to love deeply and to love without expecting anything in return.

Michelle Gibbs

Program Director

Lititz Maternity Home

As a young single mom for many years, I know how difficult it can be to raise a child. Through God’s grace, I have been blessed to be able to share my knowledge as well as some of my struggles in child rearing with the women we serve.  As a single parent it is critically essential to have a strong network of social and emotional support. House of His Creation offers that support that assist the women in identifying coping strategies to help manage life’s daily stress as a single parent and that can help them be more proactive about looking at obstacles as problems to be solved, rather than impossibilities to be endured.

Chris Rainbow

Office Manager

Chris Rainbow is our office manager and has been with HOHC since July 2015. She was born and raised in Pa but spent 10 years in missions with YWAM and was based in Montana. Before joining HOHC staff Chris worked as administrative assistant at Abundant Living Ministries (ALM). In fact, she still works part-time for ALM in addition to HOHC. Chris serves as an elder and worship leader at her church.

Trish & Joe Sclafani

Lititz House Parents

Trish & Joe Sclafani are joining the team as house-parents at the Lititz Maternity Home. They bring a lifetime of love and ministry.

Trish is Executive Director of Deeper Still EPA, an abortion healing ministry, where she has served six years and counting. She comes to us with  a passion for saving babies and a desire to serve the courageous birth mothers facing difficult decisions. 

Joe is Executive Director/Lead Pastor of City Light Ministry, an urban mission outreach to the City of Reading, Pa. He has utilized his father’s heart to heal and minister to families for over thirty years. 

Together, Joe and Trish have three grown children and four grandchildren. They are excited to extend the same opportunity of family to others.

Madeline Neff

Graphic Design & Social Media

Madeline grew up as a part of House of His Creation, she is the middle daughter of Matthew and Callie Neff. She started holding babies as soon as she could sit up and hold an infant in her toddler lap. She loves people, babies, puppies and showing others how to live out loving life.

Tara & Daughter Skyla are our new live-in peer support team. Welcomeing others into the home and assisting with needs at the house.

I am so grateful to be a part of the HoHC team and so thankful for all that the staff here have done for me and my daughter. I have always wanted to be a part of a ministry and serve others. This ministry is living proof that God will take care of his children, always...and I am so excited to see what exciting experiences I will encounter on this team!

Thank you to Amy Horst, Stephanie Greiner and Cassandra Garvins who have served as board members. We appreciate and value your time and commitment! Praying for you as you move on to other endeavors! 

Our Board

Kristen Martin

I serve with House of His Creation because I believe in life. I believe in being God's hands and feet to those around us. To the hurting, to those looking for a new road, to those in need of a family, or those who just need a helping hand in hard seasons. The journey of motherhood has many twists and turns and everyone needs a supporting tribe to walk with them in this season. House of His Creation is that supportive tribe and I am grateful to serve with them as they seek to love, encourage, and support every woman and child who comes through their doors - for a day, or for 9 months.

Andy Kline