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Journey Stories

Solmary Move Out

"Thank you for providing a safe space for women to learn and grow, for scared mothers to find hope and feel peace in their journey towards motherhood. The work this ministry does to help moms in need is wonderful and I am so grateful to have found this program when I did. I went from being unsure of wanting to be a mother to being absolutely enamored with my baby girl and enjoying everything it means to be a mom. My daughter is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I find purpose in being her mother."
-Solmary & Daughter Luna
This experience has been a reminder that God places people in our paths to help guide us in learning lessons necessary to continue pressing through. His light shines through you ever so brightly!
-Karina & Daughter on the way

Karina and daughter

First and foremost I would like to say thank you for accepting me in your home and helping me out.  God has given me another chance to show people that I am going to be a good mom. Elijah and I are doing good. Thanks so much for helping others like you do. It made a difference in my life.

-Lily & Son Elijah

Thank you for giving me a place of certainty and rest in a time of panic and chaos for me. Thank you for not judgin me but offering support and guidance. Thank you for allowing me to have my own version of rest and help at the time.  Thank you for making me feel welcome. Thank you for helping and impacting in more ways than you know.

-A & Daughter S

Abby 2

Well I would say that my stay at House of His Creation was great! Everyone there was always trying to help me in the ways that they could. Years later, I still thank God that I had the chance to be in such a safe, supportive and loving environment. 
For any future women staying at HOHC, trust in their staff. You aren't alone and they are people who truly care and want to help.


Hi my name is narea Corley I lived at house of his creation for some time when I was there kaily and Mr matt helped me see things in a better light for as my walk with God and my health physically and emotionally and seeing them i know what it means to be a family as also what it means to be a good mom and dad the working there name Michelle would always talk to me about life decisions and making the right ones now I can say I'm in a better place i don't think if I didn't leave i would be were I am now it made me stronger and they helped me with that by letting me go callie mr matt and Michelle are great people with great hearts 💕 and appreciate them and all the help they have given me

Birthmom Breakfast

"My daughter and I moved into House of His Creation when I first turned 18 and she was 6 months. Being so young I was unsure of how my experience would turn out. Through my time living in the house I had developed so many relationships with the other woman, children, and the staff. The program helped me improve my relationship with my daughter as well as my relationship with God. I was able to get back on my feet and thrive with the help of the program. Even to this day House if his creation is still there for me even though I am no longer apart of the program. I developed such an amazing relationship with Matt, Callie, Michelle, and their families that it has continued to grow throughout these years of being out of the house. I am beyond grateful for the experience.
-Krysti & Olivia