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Calls Thursday to Sunday will be answered the next business day.
If a client contact form is submitted you will be contacted within 24 hours.

The Lititz House

The Lititz House is our maternity housing program in Lititz, Pa. The program is designed to help each woman come to a fully informed decision about her pregnancy. In doing so we provide individualized case management to each woman including opportunities for growth in various areas of her life while she resides at House of His Creation. We are a strength based, trauma informed organization prepared to meet each woman where she is at. Our desire is to provide a safe place to heal, to grow and to learn for pregnancy and parenting decision making.

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Our Services Include: 

  • Family Living
    • No one is ever alone during their stay. Someone is on site and family time is encouraged.
  • Individualized Case Management
    • Each person goes through individualized goal planning and decision making with a team member.
  • Parenting Options Education
    • Each woman is equipped with trauma informed and strength based parenting tools and readiness appropriate training on parenting from a place of health.
  • Financial Literacy
    • Each woman is offered budget coaching and skill building as an integral part of their future planning.
  • Basic Independent Living/Life Skills
    • Each woman is offered support to grow in areas such as household management, meal planning, yard care, vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • Recreational Activities
    • Located in town offers walking access to parks, rec center, in-house workout space, gardening, etc.
  • Up to one year of aftercare support upon a successful discharge

Acceptance Criteria:

Maternity Clients

  1. Women over 18 
  2. Single - if married will be considered based on situation
  3. Must be pregnant in first or second trimester; careful consideration will be given if in third trimester.
  4. Must be drug and alcohol free able to follow a no-smoking policy while in the program.
  5. If history or pattern of the following will be admitted with careful consideration: severe emotional problems, stealing, violent behavior, or needing psychotropic medications.
  6. There are no geographical limitations.
  7. Part of the purpose of the program is willingness to explore parenting and adoption and make a fully informed decision about the future for you and your child.
  8. HOHC is a voluntary program; therefore, must be willing to come and follow all guidelines.

HOHC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion or national origin.
House of His Creation is an evangelical Christian program. Participation in church, family devotions and Bible reading is part of the experience.


    Maternity Intake Procedure:

    1. A referral is made to office of HOHC by phone or email ((717) 626-0263 or Referral for admission can be made by any interested party. You will be asked to complete  the online Client Contact Form.
    2. The HOHC Program Director will reach out to assess the situation and communicate directly with the referred woman.
    3. An intake interview may be scheduled to take place at House of His Creation with house staff.
    4. The Program Director will confirm acceptance or denial of woman into the house.
    5. The Executive Director reserves the right to make the final decision concerning the admission of any woman.