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Mission | Vision | Values


House of His Creation as a life-affirming ministry provides women a place to heal, to grow, and to learn through housing and ongoing support.


To bring hope through loving, caring, sharing, and giving by God’s grace, anointing, wisdom, and compassion to impact individuals and families for change.

House of His Creation was founded in 1973 and has offered Christ-centered housing and help to women and teens needing a safe, loving family environment to walk through their pregnancy and single parenting or adoption decisions or after leaving an abusive situation. 

We currently serve women over 18 who come to us through referral from partner ministries, housing programs, friends, pregnancy centers, self referral and nurse family partnerships. 


Christ is the head and the Holy Spirit is the power that leads and directs House of His Creation on the foundation of the Word of God.

Every human being is precious and sacred to God and deserves to be loved.

Integrity and faith are foundational as we walk responsibly in regard to the Lord, the community and government authority.